Happy Birthday Daddy...

EVILBOY overheard that today was his dad's birthday last night while visiting family. On the way home he had a whole bunch of questions to ask about his dad.

EVILBOY: Mom, did my dad have a heart attack? [side note: A leader in the cub scouts recently had a heart attack and died.  Mason was pretty close to him and it affected him quite a bit].

ME: No, he had cancer.

EVILBOY:  Like Terry Fox?
ME:  Yes.

EVILBOY: So he had a wooden leg?

ME: No, he had cancer somewhere else.


ME: In his neck [R. had Lymphoma so it was pretty much in his lymph nodes but most notably in his neck]

EVILBOY: So he had a wooden neck?

ME: No.

EVILBOY: Can we bring a cake to the Goodwill for him?

ME: ??

EVILBOY: You know, where the ghosts are. [then I realized he meant graveyard, not Goodwill]

ME: No, I don't think that's such a good idea. 

...and then I listened to him plan a birthday party for his dead father for an hour or so complete with skeleton decorative plates (because that's what he is - his words, not mine).

HBD (36)

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