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Thank you so much to Leslie for stepping in and writing an awesome guest post!  With EVILBOY's birthday just one day away, I have so much to plan.  This year is extra hard because it is the first time we are not going to a "pre-packaged party" place.  So think of me tomorrow afternoon when I will be hosting 20 (!!!!! yikes) kids and probably playing some of these really cool party games!


As you prepare yourbirthday party invitationsfor your child’s next party, consider this perspective before hammering out all the details. It seems the bar has been raised so high for kids’ parties. Parents feel like they have to rent expensive things to entertain the kids for a few short hours. What happened to cake, ice cream and pin the tail on the donkey? I was reminded how easy it is to get back to basics with just a little creativity. This compilation of classic kids’ games will have you re-evaluating your need to rent out bouncy houses, magicians, clowns and any other form of expensive entertainment!

Smell It, Hear It
Wrap mason jars in paper and punch small holes in their lids, then fill them with cinnamon sticks, paper clips, pennies, etc. Pass them around for kids to shake or smell. Let each one guess what's inside, then reveal the contents.

Sock 'Em
Pile up at least six times as many socks as you have guests. Have the kids sit in a circle around them. As music plays, have them put on as many socks as possible, one over the other. When it stops, the child with the most socks on wins.

Pin the tail on the….
You can turn anything into a pin the tail on the ______ game. Whether it’s pin the fin on the shark or pin the trunk on the elephant it’s a fun game to play for a variety of ages. You could do pin the headlight on the car! Get creative!

This is the amped version of hide and seek! It starts the same way with one hider but with several seekers. Everyone begins there hunt for the hider. Once the hider is found, the seeker joins him or her in the hiding place. This goes on and everyone packs in to the hiding spot (like sardines in a tin) until the last seeker finds the whole group. The last one to find the group of “sardines” becomes the hider for the next round.

Treasure Hunt
Who doesn’t love a treasure or scavenger hunt? Place clues around the house leading up to a treasure or prizes at the end. You can tie your clues into whatever theme you are having for your party. The kids will love trying to figure out where to look next. You can also let your prizes at the end serve as party favors.

Musical Chairs
Kids will love the anticipation of this game. Set up one fewer chair than the number of guests at your party. Start the music and have the children walk in a circle around the chairs, the music stops. You control the music starting and stopping on irregular intervals. When the music stops everyone tries to sit on a vacant chair. The person who doesn't find a chair is out. One chair is taken away and the game continues until only one person is left, becoming the winner. You can also play with pillows or large picture cute outs for the kids to sit on instead of chairs. Use music that fits your theme to make it more festive!

Enjoy this throwback to simpler times! Happy celebrating!

Leslie Blumenstein is a contributing writer for PurpleTrail.com, an innovative invitations and party planning site. She has helped put together many party planning tips for a variety of occasions as one of PurpleTrail’s party experts. You can find more of her party ideas and suggestions at www.PurpleTrail.com/partytrail

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