Goodbye 2010... (a year in review)

EVILBOY turned six.  We had a super awesome party at the Children's Museum with way too many kids.  I also decided to start this meme where I would blog every single day.  It was a bad idea.  We lost a dear little friend. I had a very interesting rant about mistakes and it turned out to be quite educational. I confessed my likeness to my grandfather. I learned to be careful about what I say around him.  I also made resolutions that were way ridiculous and if you really must know I failed miserably at each one.  

We found ourselves as potential renters. I admitted defeat in the blog 365 project. I still missed him.

I painted myself red. EVILBOY wrote me a letter.

We moved. I was dateless - again. EVILBOY was banned from the house centre.  I mourned.

We learned a lot about the difficulties of living in a wheelchair. I became a local celebrity.  An annoying old lady gave me something to blog about.  I got old(er).  Things got deep. I vented about mean people.

We entered the Why the Y? Contest (and won!). EVILBOY graduated from kindergarten (missing a front tooth!). 

I waited in line for a new iPhone and one day I drank too much and thought a lot about stuff.

Apartment life started to get on our nerves.  I asked for help.  EVILBOY almost perfected his cannonball skills. We took a much needed "vacation". 

I hated on dentists even more.   We took one last (and first) trip to the beach.  EVILBOY started grade one by getting pissed on.  I felt guilty. We had so much fun.

I had a bad/good day. He got a blue tail! I discovered that I live with a sleepwalker (and that my cat looks like Sheldon).  We found a kitty.

I told the truth for 30 whole days (and actually finished!).

EVILBOY shared his Christmas list (and I had a heart attack).  We explored. We got a bunch of snow.

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