Snowmageddon 2010

I heard there was going to be a snowstorm.  I have a hard time believing the weather reports though.  I kicked myself for not going out to get supplies before the snowstorm, because the weather man was not bluffing, this was a snowmageddon.

Fact:  We received more snow in three days than we did for the entire winter season of 2009.

In three days the city turned to chaos.  Numerous accidents, schools closed, transit system shut down and the malls closed early. OH THE HUMANITY!!

I was stuck in an apartment with a cabin-fevered six year old and our brood of pets for two whole days.  There was no going to the store to get supplies because the store was buried under a mound of snow somewhere down the street.  We survived on Uncle Ben's packages and Perogies that have been in my freezer since August.

Because school was closed I got to spend five whole days with EVILBOY.  On the fifth day EVILBOY got to come to work with me because the schools were still closed, but us working folk could not be as lucky as the children and e-mails were sent encouraging us to come in to the office. It wasn't so bad, but it did get a little hairy, especially when the owner of the company had a little talk with EVILBOY asking him to sit down and play a quiet game because he couldn't be running around the office - to which he replied "can I play slow tag?"

It's a winter wonderland here - very pretty, still not so nice to drive in!

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