Santa better be packin some serious cash this year....

"I asked Santa for an iPad"

My six year old asked for a gadget that costs almost as much as our monthly rent.
Is there an app for how to form a home from a cardboard box in an alleyway because surely that would come in handy when we are homeless (with an iPad).

Gadgets are expensive and it seems that younger children are more interested in iPods and video game systems these days than they are in physical/educational toys.

The thing is, we tried all these little gadgets.  EVILBOY has an iPod that he keeps losing for months (or the time he bought a $10 Sonic the Hedgehog game on my iTunes account) and a Nintendo DS that he broke from dropping it too many times.  I thought these would be a good way to teach him about valuables.  Instead I spent the entire year explaining to him why he could not bring these things to school and telling him that the middle of your bedroom floor is not a good place to store your iPod. 

Before the iPad, EVILBOY was set on asking Santa for an X-box Kinect which he discovered at the local Best Buy store (note to self: Stay out of that store until Christmas is over)

I didn't try it because I didn't want to look like a dork Here is EVILBOY kicking a soccer ball
One year I got a rock in my stocking for Christmas and I was over the moon!  It was a little rock with googley eyes pasted on and a moustache drawn on under the eyes. It looked home made (probably was - had a cheap mom who would make anything to get out of actually paying for stuff) so I was convinced that the elves had whipped it up especially for me.  It was magical.  Truly the first Christmas I ever remember.  I don't even remember my big gifts.  Just this rock in my stocking.

However, the year I got the Nintendo system was a pretty big hit:

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