Christmas 2010...

 I didn't want to write about Christmas this year. Mostly because I didn't want it to end.  After Christmas is always the lowest point for my mood during this year and this year I was feeling a little extra sad.  I still have Christmas Songs in my car and our tree is still in the corner (albeit crooked and missing ornaments).  It's hard to let go of the happy feeling of the holidays.

We had a wonderful time this year.  EVILBOY and I were so excited to see our family.  We don't get to see everyone often enough so getting together this time of year is always extra special.  I could have lived without the "oh look you have jowls  like everybody else in the family". 

Jowels can be cute though, right?  RIGHT?

I sent him away for a week and he came back with a lot less hair

Not everyone was enthused to get in for the family picture

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