Not-So-Secret Santa...

EVILBOY's grandma took him shopping the other day to buy gifts for me for Christmas.

He used his own money (heart = melted).

He came home with two perfectly wrapped parcels.  In fact, these packages are wrapped with "peek proof" paper (his words, not mine) so he will know if I try to peek at my gifts before the big day.

Last night EVILBOY and I were wrapped up in my favourite fuzzy winter throw, the Christmas tree was twinkling and How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on TV.  A commercial for a popular brand of chocolates came on and EVILBOY leaped up telling me to cover my eyes and not look at the TV (he forgot to tell me to cover my ears as well) because it would ruin one of my surprises.

Oh six year olds are just so stinkin cute sometimes.  He has no idea that he totally just gave away what one of the gifts was.  I didn't even have to try to unwrap the "peek proof" paper.

When he realized his present faux pas, he covered his mouth (with both hands) and his eyes grew as wide as dinner plates.

I pretended not to know what the gift was and started to guess silly things to get his mind off his now spoiled surprise, that sits under my tree, wrapped up in "peek proof" paper.

Tiny morsels of chocolate yumminess is under my twinkling tree waiting for me to shove my face full of each and every piece until I moan and groan and wish I didn't eat the whole package.  How am I supposed to live for another eleven days thinking of that chocolate under the tree when the only other snack food up in this joint is shriveled up clementine oranges I bought two weeks a department store.

Please send me chocolate horror stories.

Tell me they have razor blades in them or scabs.

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