Portable North Pole is BACK!!

This year, Portable North Pole is back and better than ever and brought to you by the wonderful people at RedFlagDeals.com!  Not only can you send a message to your kids from the big fat guy, but you can also send a message to your co-workers and friends, or even a Scroogy neighbour.

EVILBOY still believes in Santa Claus and programs like this help to erase the doubts from his young mind.  It helps to keep the magic alive.  Seeing him watch the screen in awe as Santa relays a message made especially for him, his little jaw hanging open, eyes as big as Frosty's head.  It's just magical to see that belief still alive in kids.

I couldn't resist making a message to myself from myself this year. 

So happy holidays to you all, enjoy and be safe and don't forget to send out your very own Portable North Pole Message:

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