30 Days of Truth - Day 29

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

I want to be more positive.  I would love to look at a situation and not think of dread or someone dying or getting hurt.  I want to be happy for people rather than jealous and angry.  I want to love myself more and feel secure with who I am.

I want to learn a new hobby and have fun doing such hobby.

I want to sit at the dinner table and be interested in who told on who at the playground instead of rushing through our meal to get somewhere we are scheduled to be.

I want to paint.

I want to learn about gardening and birds.

I want to look forward to being 30.

I want to be more calm and less uptight.

I want to kiss somebody - in the rain...in New York.

I want to learn how to write better.

I want to learn how to take better pictures.

I want to laugh more - at least three times a day.  Not just any laugh, one of those true laughs that brings tears to your eyes.

I want to start making my bed every morning.

I want to go to bed at a decent time.

I want to be prettier.

I want to be healthier.

I want to use my time more wisely.

and learn things.

There is so much potential for change, I just need to find the courage to accept these changes.

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