30 Days of Truth - Day 25

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.
I am alive today because I have so much to live for.
I have things to accomplish.  People to make happy.
Watching him grow into a man.

I am alive today because I really do love being alive.
There are things in life that can make you happy no matter what.

Things like a nice breeze, kittens, the ocean, The Shoop Shoop Song by Cher.

Sure things can be difficult at times, but overcoming these hard times makes life worth living.
Everything that is thrown at you only makes you stronger.

I am alive because there are cheeks to pinch and puppies to play with.  Kids laughter to hear and school plays where I get to be a proud parent in the audience.

There will be tears, but there will be loved ones to help me through them.

I am lucky to be alive.

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