30 Days of Truth - Day 13

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

 Dear Our Lady Peace,

You helped me get through my teenage years and helped me to become the person I am today.  It seems really strange to base the formation of my adulthood on a band, but to be quite honest the years I spent in my room, alone, listening to your music helped me get through some really rough patches of my teenage (angsty) years.

When I felt like a loser in high school, your music gave me the title of "that girl that likes Our Lady Peace".  Going to your concerts was a high point of my teenage years.  I remember so many times, going to so many concerts.

I met people who were not from my regular circle of life.  I met so many new friends who helped me to get out of my shell a little bit more each time we met, and that would follow me back to my regular life where I found myself to be a little more of an accepted person rather than an outsider at school.

I traveled to England to see you guys play in a small bar.  I had just turned 17 and there I was in a bar, the front row with the stage pressing into my kneecaps.  England was amazing and I really started to become more of an individual after that trip.  I realized I liked the atmosphere of England. I liked taking "the underground" everyday and picking up one of those chocolate bars that I thought was so cheap but really ended up being uber-expensive once you changed the dollar back to Canadian.

The first time I met you guys I had butterflies in my stomach.  The seventh time I met you guys I felt like we were old friends and not nearly as shy.  I might have actually smiled when I met you guys that seventh time.

I actually feel like I owe my whole blog to you guys.  My fan site (Asphalt the Noon) was a big success.  I grew confidence with my online presence.  I loved having my own space where I could share something I love with your fans.  It was an amazing time of my life.

I found a small screen cap of my site.  The only thing left.  I lost the password (ugh such a teenager thing to do!)
My OLP concert days are over.  I feel like I am now a  "retired fan" and I'm not really too interested in hearing any new music.  I don't think I could really handle a concert again.  Smooshed up against a railing, feeling my lungs inflate again when the concert was over and people stopped squishing me.

Those were really the best times of my teenage life.


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