Today (10.5.10)...

Today was a bad day because:
  • EVILBOY was sent home with a note that said he was "somewhat below" in his reading level.  It made me sad and embarrassed. 

  • Somebody didn't understand my emotions...again.
  • I realized that while people around me are getting married and having babies, I am still madly in love with someone who no longer exists and I don't know if I will ever get over it. 
  • It rained during all the most important parts of my day. Usually I like the rain, but this was ugly rain.  Ugly cold rain. 
  • I saw a movie that was really kind of terrible. 
  • My PVR ran out of room and didn't record Glee.
Today was a good day because:
  • I saw a pretty sweet double real life.  It was so intense.

  • We are okay.

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