REVIEW: A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

A Zombie at My Cupcake: 25 Deliciously Weird Cupcake Recipes 

I have never been very handy in the kitchen. I was never really taught how to make food, it was never really a major part of my life. When I was a teenager I almost burnt down our townhouse by turning on an oven to throw in a frozen lasagna. Someone had put a basket in the oven (??) and the fire department had to come and evacuate us and my ten million pet rats until the smoke cleared.

and that is when I lost interest in everything to do with the kitchen.

When I met R., my routine was to eat poutine every night for dinner.When I fell in love with him I decided it was time for that to change (plus my pants no longer fit and I think my heart was dying a little) and I made him chicken Caesar wraps. Apparently they were gross and he pretty much did all the cooking from then on but I now had a bit of interest in real food.

Now that I am a mother (and a bit more comfortable in the kitchen) I have started expanding my menu of stir fry and shepherd's pie to include baked goods.  This happened around the time when I went to EVILBOY's pre-school Halloween party with a plate of store-bought cookies only to find that other parents had created masterpieces. 

I knew I had to do better.

It has been a struggle, I'm not going to lie.  Making cupcakes for a class is never an easy task.  You have to take into consideration allergies and safety.  Last year I had to clip the bottom of little cocktail umbrellas so the sharp pointed ends wouldn't hurt EVILBOY's little friends when I made "beach cupcakes".

I was very lucky to have an opportunity to review the book A Zombie Ate My Cupcake! by Lily Vanilli
recently and I was absolutely blown away by the 25 yummy works of art featured in this book.  What I love the  most about this book is that it takes you through each creation from start to finish.  I was amazed that it even shows you how to make the decorations so you don't find yourself going from store to store trying to find "gummy eyeballs" because the book gives you directions on how to make your own. The cupcake recipes themselves are also featured so you don't find yourself using a boxed alternative.  Some cupcake flavours you can make are: red velvet, rainbow, lime and even the yummy pecan, nutmeg and cinnamon cupcakes.

Each cupcake features some sort of "weird" or "grotesque" theme which makes it perfect for all the Halloween parties coming up!

We tried the Ghastly Ghouls cupcakes using the honey and almond cupcakes rather than the plain vanilla (we were feeling adventurous). I felt very comfortable following the instructions (which is something that is very important to me).  Unfortunately the recipe we used called for meringue to be made.  Meringue master I am not and I really made a mess of the ghouls.  To be fair, I'm pretty sure I used the wrong kind of sugar since I forgot to pick some up and the only sugar I had around was two years old - at least - and was stored above my fridge in the back of the upper cupboard.
Ghastly Ghouls
I had hoped to have some really cute ghoul cupcake pictures for you here, alas the meringue just wasn't working out for me.  You have to believe the cupcakes were absolutely yummy with the runny meringue melted on top! 

You can buy the book from or visit Lily Vanilli at her website

Thank you so much to Lily Vanilli and her publishers for providing me with a copy of A Zombie Ate My Cupcake to review!

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