It's not perfect, but it's going to be okay...

Sometimes it's just so hard to let go of perfect.

There will be pumpkin guts stuck to the floor for months.

I will find seeds in crevices six months from now.

His clothes will get ruined.

My mom brought EVILBOY a pumpkin to carve.  It was actually quite a coincidence because just the other day I was thinking about pumpkins.  When we lived in the house, we had between 8-10 pumpkins carved a year.  They are just so much fun and we had the big porch to display them all and a garden to compost them in so it just worked.

This year we are in an apartment, and even though I do not miss raking leaves or yard maintenance, I do miss decorating the house for Halloween.  I was going through boxes the other day looking for old costumes and I came across all our outdoor Halloween decorations.  Some could be used on the balcony, but it's just not the same.

Living in an apartment, you don't really need a jack-o-lantern.  Actually, I didn't really want one at all this year because of having to lug it upstairs and then back down again when it is on it's way to rotdom just doesn't seem very appealing to me.

but EVILBOY is still young, and he really likes pumpkins, so I compromised with my uptight self and promised one pumpkin.  That's it.  One perfect pumpkin that we will carve into the traditional jack-o-lantern pattern and toss out the day after Halloween.

That all changed when my mom showed up with a not-so-perfect pumpkin and EVILBOY had some not-so-perfect plans of carving it right away.  My foot was firmly down and I said that we were saving the carving of this flawed pumpkin until closer to Halloween. However, the foot slowly loosened its bearings after having to repeat itself 500 times since Friday night.

and so he did this.

Even though it wasn't perfect, it was still special.

We shall see if I still feel the same when I have to tow this thing back downstairs.

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