Play Dates...

I hate play dates.  

There I said it.
I may as well exclude myself from the "hip parent" group for the rest of my life.
They pretty much are just a waste of time and during that waste of time you are breaking up fights, cleaning up before the kid gets here only to have to super clean after they leave and listen to not one but TWO kids talk about Beyblades, Mario and farts for a few hours.

The kids beg and beg to have one of these "play dates" and then fight the whole time because they don't want to play the same thing.  Right now I have two kids playing separate board games.  How do you even play a board game on your own? 

I like play dates at other people's houses. The kind where I drop EVILBOY off and drive away like that lady in the Ikea commercial (I just realized I do a lot of things like that lady).  Those ones are nice because as a single parent any couple hours away from reality really helps.  I just can't bring myself to not return the favour though, so now I have a kid over, jumping on my couch and making loud noise.

Also sometimes I like to listen to music with swear words in it, burp and scratch my butt, wear my pyjamas all day and take long naps while EVILBOY is watching a movie.  These things simply cannot be done with another kid in the house.

Please tell me I am not alone in this hatred for play dates.  I feel like such a PTA mom reject over this!

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