A Last Hurrah...

summer is officially over in these parts. The kids go back to school tomorrow and for EVILBOY he will be starting grade one.  This will be his first time experiencing a full day of school.

To say he is excited would be an understatement.

To say I am nervous would also be an understatement.

What if I don't pack the right things for lunch? What if the kids are mean to him? What if he gets a terrible teacher?  What if he gets lost?

I worry - it's what I do.

So today I decided to pack up and head out to the beach for the afternoon, even though it was raining, and miserable and cold. The truth is, we haven't been to the beach at all this year so I was desperate to experience it at least once this summer.

Although my intentions were to get some really nice beachy photographs, I could see our session quickly changing to a "trash the outfit".  Long story short, the clothes he wore are now in my trunk, full of sand and lake water. 

This is the face I got when I told him to stop playing in the water
...and he then promptly turned around and drew this in the sand... "NO MOMS" Nice.

I'm kind of sad about missing so many beach opportunities this summer, but I do look forward to the fall, my second favourite season.  I love the fair, pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkin muffins, anything cinnamon smelling, the changing leaves, the refreshing autumn air.

So much to look forward to...

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