Goodbye corn dogs and elephant ears...until we meet again!

Too cool for the hang glider ride!

I am a big fan of fairs.  Huge fan, as huge as my waist line when the fair is in town!
That was a joke, sort of.  *awkward*

I want to fall in love at the fair.  For real. 

When I was pregnant we went to the fair every night it was here so I could get some deep fried food and those lemonades with the big gigantic lemons cut in half and put in them.  Every single night.  I was terrified of going to my doctor's appointment the next week because I knew I was going to get asked about my weight gain.  My blood pressure must have been through the roof that day as I stepped on the scale, only to discover that I had actually lost weight.

Ever since then I have loved fairs. There is something about the atmosphere that could keep me going all day.  The lights, the sounds, the deep fried food that is served on a stick (food on a stick is the best invention ever -  other than push up bras and fake mustaches).

EVILBOY is also a huge fan of the fair.  He's a little bit shy when it comes to the big thrill rides (and the haunted house) but he will go on the kiddy rides and the fun houses over and over again.

In a way, I've watched him grow through the fair by the ride height requirements.  Each year he was a little taller and was able to go on more rides.  This year he fell into the gargantuan category and is actually too tall for some rides.  The pony rides that I took a picture of him on each year he wouldn't have anything to do with.  It was so hard to break the tradition, but he refused.  I even offered the steep bribe of Beyblades, with no luck.  This is the first year I won't get to see him sitting on one of those ponies.  I don't know why that makes me sad.  I don't even like horses.

We had a really good time at the fair this year, but I spent way too much money the three times we went and now we have to live like hobos until I get paid again, actually until I get paid again in two pay cheques since this one is accounted for already.  Being poor is no fun.  Especially when the Wal-Mart Anniversary Sale is on.

It's okay though, I'm all stocked up on paper towel and toilet bowl cleaner so not even the $2.50 dual pack toilet bowl cleaner that I love can tempt me into that stupid store.
We made some new friends....some were hungry!
Thankfully this new friend was not hungry.

That was such a grown up thing to say.  Ew.

and now I am rambling because I really have nothing more to say about the fair.

Oh other than I saw three baby goats being born last night.  It was grossly amazing.

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