Back To School....

Without a tear shed.

 I let him go into that chaotic mess of children, all dressed in their brand new clothes that still had the creases where the store had folded them.  Isn't it always the way, you get brand new school outfits and just have to wear them on the first day of school but always end up regretting it because they turn out to be uncomfortable and too hot for the weather that day.

We said our goodbyes, he told me to give him a kiss.  He told me.  Isn't that my job?

and then he left to be a grade one student.  A kid who goes out to recess all by himself, has a lunch packed and no longer takes a nap at school.

I never expected I would be the parent that receives a call from the principal on the first day of grade one.  My heart sank to my knees when I saw the school come up on my caller ID.  It started to beat down there when I heard the principal's voice.  The principal? This had to be serious.

As it turns out another kid peed on my son.  Those new pants with the creases from the store? Not so new anymore.  In fact, they were quite worn in and were at that moment tumbling around in the school's washing machine as the principal apologized and reassured me this was an accident.

I asked how EVILBOY's day went when I picked him up at school that afternoon.  He went on and on about planners and pencil crayons and lunch and his friends, avoiding the urine subject all together.  I knew he was avoiding the subject, but I had to know how this happened.  When I told him I knew what happened, he told me who the pisser was, how it happened and that it was an accident.  I'm not buying it.

As it turns out, the pisser is actually  someone well known to us.  The pisser is EVILBOY's second bully in daycare.  This is the bully who is two years older than him and tormented him on a daily basis.  At first recess, the pisser asked EVILBOY if he wanted to go to the bathroom with him. EVILBOY, being naive and having a kind heart actually went with this creepy bully to the washroom where this creepy kid decided to piss on my kid.

EVILBOY got angry, stormed into the principal's office (don't ask me how he knew how to even get there) and told him what happened, only he didn't know the kid's name and he let on that it was an accident.

Knowing this bully, and what his intentions probably were, I feel like this really was no accident. I don't want to be the trouble-making parent but I'm not sure if I should let this go.  I'm a little frustrated that a grade one student was allowed to go into the washroom alone during recess with a grade three student.

I've taken matters into my own hand by teaching EVILBOY that he shouldn't hang around with the older kids anymore and to only use the washroom during class time (I figure that way the teacher can monitor when he leaves and comes back as he would have to ask for permission).

I tested him later on these rules and he answered them correctly.  It made me feel more confident about letting him deal with the pisser on his own.  Then when I told him he was right he yelled out "I'M A GENIE!".  I laughed, told him to never change as I messed up his "fauxhawk".

First day of grade one - Done.

Getting peed on by another kid at school - Also done!

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