Take that cancer...

Cancer kicked my ass.

It changed us.  forever

It took him.

It took me.

To hear of people beating cancer, to me, makes them some kind of super hero.

Even better than Batman and Superman...actually better than any super hero that has ever been invented.

for real.


In our story, cancer won.

It won when I saw the lumps on his neck for the second time.  It was October.  We were coming home from the pumpkin patch.  The sun was gleaming on them - I just knew. 

It won when the doctors told us they give up as I looked out the window of the hospital thinking about balloons.  It was the day before our son's first birthday.

It won every moment of my life when I had to check to see if the man I loved was still breathing.

It won every night when I woke up time and time again to make sure he was alive.

It won when he slept for 23 hours a day and the one hour when he was awake was the hour I was asleep.

It won when eventually my fears of finding him dead were over as he died right in front of my eyes.  All 70 pounds of him gone.  forever.

To hear someone mention a diagnosis of cancer, my mind instantly turns to death sentence.

Take for instance Maura Tierney, one of my favourite actresses.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and I  instantly began to mourn her loss.  "She was a great actress", "what a shame".

The thing is, she survived.

Last night she presented an award at the 2010 Emmy Awards and she looked stunning.

Cancer didn't win this time.

People do survive.

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