Summer Vacation 2010...

We don't do vacations very often, but luckily this week worked out for us to have a weekend away and it was lovely.  I decided to take the highway for the first time and I was nervous as heck.  I'm not very superstitious, but it was Friday the 13th and to be honest the thought of bad luck crossed my mind quite a few times.

but all was well (with my luck, this was quite a pleasant surprise) and we made it to our destination two hours away only a little late to meet my mom and aunt.  Luckily they were really late so my tardiness was not of concern. I blame traffic, but really it was my granny-style driving on the 401 since I was quite nervous.

but we made it with no problems, and as corny as this may sound, but I feel a whole lot better about life in general after that drive.  I feel so much closer to my family as I have now cut down my driving time by an hour and a half to visit them.

We had a great day at Canada's Wonderland.  I haven't been in a couple years (five to be exact) but it didn't seem like too much has changed (as you can see in these two pictures below):


Some rides were enjoyed a lot more than others, but all were well worth the long waits in hot stinky line-ups.

The bumper cars were his favourite.  He laughed devilishly as he rammed into other kids.  My kid was the only one with the devilish laugh.  I don't know where he gets this behaviour from!

There were lots of great photo opportunities, many were missed as EVILBOY was not very willing to stand for a picture with Charlie Brown, but I did manage to get force him to pose with Snoopy.
Double rainbow!!
I forced him to take a picture with Snoopy.

Splash Works was the most interesting.  Plenty of half-naked hairy people to see and suddenly I didn't feel so bad about missing that spot on my legs when I shaved the night before.  It was a little difficult to manage with just EVILBOY and I and I had to trust that nobody would steal my towel or wipe themselves with it while we were in the wave pool. The most interesting part was the end when I was getting my clothes back on and my bra broke - as in ripped with no chance of repair.  After searching for a bikini top that could work as a bra in the splash shop, I decided to just keep my bathing suit on under my clothes.  This left me with a nice wet spot on my pants in a very embarrassing area.  I knew something bad would have to happen on Friday the 13th (and that was my favourite bra too!) :(

The water park!

There were some really interesting people, especially people who didn't seem to be afraid of the (quite possibly rabid?) wildlife.
This is a real groundhog (beaver?) thing.  He enjoyed beer nuts.
I made Mason go on a couple roller coasters.  After the second one where he wailed the whole time I decided not to force him to go on any more roller know because it was pretty mean and stuff.
Roller coaster hair.

The food was ridiculously expensive.  After passing the entire day surviving only on a red Icee that cost $4.75 we decided to head over to Swiss Chalet to eat some real food.  Mason was very happy with his kids meal prize:
These glasses have yet to leave his face.  He even slept with them on.
I had a great time visiting with family I haven't seen in a long time and met new ones that I have never met before.  I left EVILBOY with my mom for the week so this will be a very strange week for me.   I won't have anyone to take pictures of or anything to blog about!  Beware, pictures of the stupid cat and bunny will probably be posted all week!

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