On a break...

Every once in a while I get the single mother burnout.

It's when I experience some "irritability" begin to feel frustrated when having to answer five billion questions about Super Mario.  I don't know why his moustache looks that way, I don't know what kind of animal Yoshi is (although if I had to guess I would say dinosaur?) and I honestly don't know why the mushrooms come out of little bricks, I really don't.

These are all normal questions to come from a six year old who is still fascinated with the world.

It is not fair of me to shut him down and tell him to go away.

This is something I am working on, but in order to work on it I needed him to go away for a little while.

A break of sorts.

Only for a week.  I think this is good for both of us.


In the words of Joni Mitchell (oh crap, I can't believe I'm doing this...)

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone 

I miss that little creep.

I know he's having the time of his life, going fishing, hanging out with his grandma and cousins, doing things that I may not approve of, but it's okay because he's with Grammy.

In fact, he's probably saying "Shit Hawk" as he lays his sweet little head down on the pillow, because I said he can only say it when it's just me and him in the car, but Grammy won't tell, it will be their little secret.

Things have been so different, yet so much the same without him.  It's really a strange feeling.

Tonight I went to a movie with a friend and I didn't even have to think about possibly having to drag my six year old along, just hoping the movie doesn't involve Vince Vaughan or the "F word".

but on the other hand I find myself making plans for us, only to realize it's just me, alone, ordering a Swiss Chalet meal for dinner because I really like their spinach salad.  Yesterday I came across an advertisement for Golden Griddle saying that kids eat for free.  I quickly made plans to go there for dinner.  Mason loves pancakes, this was perfect - only then I realized it was just me - wait, why is this all of a sudden about food? 

and then I realize that I don't miss the amount of Spongebob on my TV (okay I lied, I like Spongebob) and by Spongebob I actually mean Max and Ruby, that show drives me nutso.

and, like that Joni Mitchell song, it didn't take me long to realize why I miss him so much.  He makes me feel fulfilled.  He makes me smile.  I think about him 23 hours a day and the other hour I spend thinking about how I've been thinking about him all day.

He makes faces like this:

and I remember that all is not bad in the world.

(except for Justin Bieber's hair, even this face can't cure that kind of badness).

The cat misses him too.  Terribly, and of course by terribly I mean terrible for me.

The cat is used to sleeping with Mason, and maybe he doesn't mind so much, but I can't help but go berserk when I wake up to find the cat invading my personal "pillow" space with his dirty old litter paws.  There is a place for you cat, and it is not on my pillow beside my face. 

To pass the time alone, I have been doing things like organizing my filing cabinet, eating too much food and holding my bunny like a little baby and rocking him in my arms while feeding him carrots until he fell asleep...

....while the stupid cat watched jealously....

(Told ya I would blog about the cat and bunny didn't I?)

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