...little girls and their wedding day.

I never wanted a wedding.

I wasn't that kind of kid. 

I'm still really not that type.

Many would blame that on my broken heart, but in all honesty I never really believed in weddings.

When I was unconventionally asked to be married, I said no.

Even though it was probably the right thing to do, I just didn't want to mess things up or make things any more complicated than they already were.

I was in two weddings when I was a kid, both those couples are now happily divorced.  That has to mean something?

The first time I was the flower girl in my uncle's wedding on my mother's side.  The uncle I loved very dearly because he brought me bubble gum flavoured Trident in his tow truck every time he came to visit.  That same uncle is apparently crazy now.  Who knows, he hasn't brought me any gum in years.

(PS- This picture of me always reminds me of Baby's sister in Dirty Dancing - thoughts?)

The second time I was a junior bridesmaid in my uncle's wedding on my father's side.  Still the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.  I remember having to get that dress fitted a few times, going to downtown Toronto to see the seamstress.  I remember being so nervous walking down that aisle - blind (without my glasses because apparently they would glare in pictures).  I also remember them having lobsters cut in half...as in their heads were cut in half right down the middle too.  I had a lot of fun trying to match the lobsters to their other half, it was like a seafood puzzle.  Thinking back now, that may not have been very polite of me.

This weekend I went to R.'s sister's wedding.  It was an intimate little wedding with a few people from each side of the family followed by more friends joining at the reception afterward.  It really was nice.  Of course it was hard being there, representing their lost family member with his son.  Wishing he were there to dance with me to all the "slow jamz" the (crappy) DJ had to offer.  Instead I had to settle for dancing with our son, who called it "hugging"

...but I was very happy to have such a cute dance partner.

Congratulations B and B....may you be happy together forever...

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