Don't let this sweet face fool you...

This is the face of a six year old who thinks he is going to be sixteen, only a sixteen year old who still wears Batman undies and throws massive temper tantrums in department stores when they can't get a Zhu Zhu pet.

Where has my sweet little boy gone?

This boy, we shall call him EVILBOY 2, has taken over with a vengeance.  He pees on the toilet seat and leaves it for his unsuspecting mother to sit in, he never puts his dishes in the sink when he's done.  Chocolate bar wrappers belong in between the couch cushions and shoes are perfect when left laying in front of the door so mom goes flying over them on her way to bed every night. 

For some reason he thinks he knows more than I do, which may be true, but he doesn't need to know that.  He constantly eats food and when he's not eating food, he's pulling chocolate bars out of my purse and eating them without even asking in the dentist office while I have three different dental instruments in my mouth.

I'm frustrated.

I shouldn't be, because I missed him.

and besides that, we are a team.

Other than taking things away, it seems my discipline rules for a (very smart) six year old really aren't working.

Even though I thought they were fail proof.

Like the threat that we will go to visit his cousin who beats him up and picks on him.  That used to work wonders, not so much anymore.

I really don't feel like actually bringing him over there every time he is naughty and when he realized my threat was empty he ran with it.

and threw a massive temper tantrum over a cat toy.

with feathers on it.

then he remembered he is allergic to feathers, had a freak out and knocked his face off a box, cut his lip open, bled all over the store while screaming like someone had just cut off his arm because his lip was bleeding.

It was a fun night in Zellers.

and now I am stuck for punishments.

I can see my future now, being surrounded by cat toys and Zhu Zhu pets.


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