Apartment Life 2 ...

"This is why I never wanted to live in an apartment" he said as he pushed by me, throwing his chubby hands up into the air and exhaling loudly as he squished by me.

He is six.  Where does he get this drama queen stuff from?

(actually, don't answer that)

I never intended for us to live this way, and yes things do get a bit cozy in here sometimes, but he has to accept that this is our home now.  He has never taken a move this badly before, and to be honest I thought he would be more settled in by now.

The fact of the matter is that apartment life has its ups and downs. Not having to worry about yard work, less area to clean, cheaper rent/bills, high up where burglars can't reach us and meeting new people are all perks.

(oh and we have a pool here too!)

Then there is having to get rid of a lot of your personal items that no longer fit in an apartment (for Mason it was a lot of toys and for me it is my turquoise chair and ottoman - which I'm still trying to make fit in this place), sharing laundry/having to pay for laundry (not that it's any different than paying it on your bills - it's just something about paying it upfront that bothers me), living next door to the Homies, constantly telling Mason not to jump/roll cars across the floor and of course some of the neighbours are somewhat - they totally suck!

Like the guy who plays Stairway to Heaven almost every night just before 11pm.  I'm alright with a little Stairway to Heaven once in a while, but what I can't stand is this fool trying to teach himself how to play it out on his balcony every night.  I also cannot stand the shrieking woman who tells him to shut up every night.  I can't quite figure out who is more annoying.

Then there are the party animals who live downstairs, just below me.  The smoke from their cigarettes give my curtains an oh-so-lovely hint of nicotine as they "party" out on the balcony with their friends, using the F word in every other sentence. I especially enjoyed the time one of them puked over the side.  I was so very grateful that they lived downstairs and not above me.  Another funny time was when one of the party animals got offended and tried to convince everyone that he was smart - as he cried.  It's like a party animal soap opera down there.

Above me is the constant mover.  This guy must have furniture attached to his ass or something because all day long furniture is being moved around all up in there and sometimes it even gets moved around late at night, which makes me imagine that the guy upstairs has a pooping problem that forces him to stay on his toilet all day so he built a rolling toilet to get him around.

I guess sometimes it has a little more downs than ups but this is our home.

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