Things I will be doing while waiting in line...

Tomorrow morning I will drag my butt out of bed and make my way down to the local Rogers store where I will line up with the rest of the geeks for the new iPhone 4. A few years ago, my brother made it on the local news for being the first dork person to line up for an iPhone, that is not my goal.  I just want to be modestly second..maybe third, but third might put me in a slight panic that I won't get a new phone.

Considering I will probably be waiting for hours, I have decided to come up with a list of things I could (and probably will) do, you know to pass the time and all.

  • Call my co-workers individually each hour to give them an update on my status in line and to remind them that I am not actually at work because I'm sure they probably won't even notice I'm gone. 
  • Tweet about the other dorks in line, randomly commenting on their dork status.  As time goes on I will probably end up complaining about said dorks claiming they drive like morons or they have a cold and should go home - because that is the kind of stuff I usually tweet about.
  • Read my book, but not finish it because it looks so cute on my nightstand.   It's almost like it says good morning to me when I wake up.

  • Complain about the government (I've been doing a lot of this lately, mostly because they have held my HST cheque hostage for far too long). 
  • Find a buyer for my current iPhone on Kijiji who won't brutally murder me or force me to use  pepper spray or kitchen knife to prevent them from stealing my old phone *nervous laugh*
  •  Listen to a bunch of songs by "Journey".  It's sort of been "my thing" lately.  Don't laugh.
  • Think of a name for my new phone. 
  • Worry about things like dropping my new phone even before I touch it. 
  • Wish I was back in bed. 
  • Devise a plan to shut my neighbour's yappy little dog up that isn't mean because everything I've come up with so far is pretty mean.

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