Taking over the city...

cute babies!
How cute are they?

This one got a little close
If a raccoon didn't try to bite my face off when I was little, I would probably want to keep one of these little guys as a pet!


the raccoons are up to something.
Being cheeky

I've been hearing stories from random people lately about the antics of these cute little creatures.  A family member of mine went camping with his family at Fanshawe a few weeks ago and they were AMBUSHED by a pack of raccoons.

These precious little animals chewed a hole in their tent and came inside, going through all their belongings.  These raccoons were not afraid of the humans, even when an axe was thrown at them (who throws an axe? Really?).  Instead, the raccoon calmly picked up the axe and walked off with it into the forest.
It was so bad that they packed up all their belongings (minus their tent and supplies that were taken over by this gang) and went home at midnight.

So now they are armed - and cute.  I think this is all part of their plan to take over the city so they can eat our garbage and hang out in our trees all day in peace, you know, without us taking over their land and stuff.

Beside our apartment complex there is a pretty dumpy little shack.  There are holes in the roof (from the raccoons) and inside is a bunch of mattresses and leftover furniture from tenants that left the building next door to us.  The thing is, there have been numerous complaints about this shack because it is dangerous, there are wild animals living in there (right beside our garbage can) and it is a complete eyesore.

Unfortunately there is apparently nothing that can be done about it.  Which is amazing to me because if Joe Blow down the street doesn't mow his lawn, you bet he will get some sort of fine, but these people can keep a shack of old chewed up smelly mattresses (which can be seen in plain sight as the door of this shack is being pushed open by all of the junk) stays safe.

So now we have these little friends

Who are living happily in the raccoon version of the Hilton - right in my parking lot.

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