Predators... (and stupid parents)

  (I will eat your heart...and your popcorn when you're not looking)

On Tuesday night my friends and I went to see Predators.  Normally not my type of movie, but with the only other option being 'Eclipse' for a second time, I gladly accepted the fact that I would be watching Adrien Brody with his humungalo arms saying the F word a lot and blowing up aliens (were they aliens? I don't even know).

While some scenes were quite disturbing, nothing disturbed me more than the mother that decided to bring her (approximately) 3 and 5 year old children to see this movie.  If you haven't seen the movie, you might not think it's that bad, but go ahead to this parental guide for the movie and then tell me how you feel about these small children being there for this film.

Here are a few inappropriate examples:
"A man tells another man when he gets home, he's going to rape a lot of woman. The man makes a joke about it"

"Over 40 f-words and 2-dozen s-words"

 "Stans talks about getting high on cocaine as soon as he's left the planet."

I'm trying my hardest not to be judgmental here, but where did this parent get the idea that taking her two young children to a movie, that was quite obviously advertised as being a 14A gore fest that contained more F-bombs than my mom on a Sunday morning drive.

It made it really hard to focus on the movie.  My mind was all like,
"oh look how perfectly his spine came out all attached to his skull and stuff.  Kind of reminds me of eating shrimp - I WONDER IF THOSE KIDS ARE GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES???"

I mean what comes after that?  A midnight showing of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre followed by some brewskis and some bitches?  I just don't understand.  I just can't stop thinking about this.

I am far from a perfect parent.  EVILBOY hangs out with us adult folk sometimes pretty late at night.  Bedtime is usually pretty flexible, but I know the consequences of that so I take full responsibility.  Maybe this parent was okay with her children having nightmares and going to daycare talking about raping women just like I'm okay with my kid waking up in a completely crappy ass attitude because he missed out on a precious half hour of sleep.

Sometimes I let him play video games too long, but I can assure you these games do not involve ripping out someone's spine and committing suicide.  Oh and sometimes, when we are alone in the car, I let him call seagulls "shit hawks" because he thinks its hilarious.  We all make poor choices, my choices are not always the right ones, but I would hope that my decisions do not contaminate his mind with nonsense that adults can shake off as a good flick, but kids see as normalcy.  Then on the other hand, my uncle took me to see Dirty Dancing in the theatre when I was 5 and I turned out to be pretty awesome.

Going along with this theme, when I was 13 my friend and I went to see Ace Ventura Pet Detective at the movie theatre all by ourselves.  Just before the movie started, a theatre employee came and removed us from the theatre for not being old enough to see a guy talk out of his ass - literally.  Instead we went across the street to another theatre to watch Reality Bites where we watched Winona Ryder have sex for two whole hours.  Which totally contaminated my mind for the rest of my teenage years because suddenly I found myself wanting to make out with Ethan Hawke every single day.

Another time, I accidentally took EVILBOY to see Fred Claus because I thought it was a kiddy movie. We are actually still trying to recover from that one.  Now whenever we go to see a movie, EVILBOY asks if there are adults in the movie. 

I'm just so confused by this.  I still don't know if there is anything I should have done.  I feel guilty, but was it really my place to step in and protect these children from what their own mother thought was perfectly normal?  Where do you draw then line when it comes to other people's mistakes in parenting?

Just as the movie ended, and I felt like saying something to the mother, they all came strolling down the aisle, hand-in-hand, smiling and laughing.

and then I realized that the adults of our future are scary little creeps.

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