Jukebox Dreams...

When I was a little girl my dreams were quite simple.

I wanted to grow up, marry Charlie Sheen, live in a mansion and have my very own personal jukebox with nothing but every Brian Adams song and the entire Dance Mix '93 album on it.

Only one of those things came true (and luckily it wasn't marrying Charlie Sheen).

I was driving down the street the other day, feeling like a failure, swearing at people for their poor driving skills when I realized that I am not a complete failure, I do have my own jukebox!

It fits into my pocket and it holds my collection of 1041 carefully selected songs, oh and it makes phone calls and can tell you the weather and all that other important stuff, but most importantly I am not a complete failure.  Just another reason I love my iPhone.

I love my phone enough to take dorky pictures while kissing it

I might even go ahead and name my iPhone Charlie Sheen just so I can work on my other dream of marrying Charlie Sheen - Just kidding, marrying Charlie Sheen is such a joke.

I really have grown up a lot since 1993.  My dreams are much more realistic, I don't wear huge glasses Harry Potter glasses anymore (my glasses are even bigger now, but in a "cool" sort of way) and I now realize that wearing my clothes backwards for that entire year during my Kris Kross phase was a huge mistake.  One thing that hasn't improved much is my taste in music.
me in 1993, still dreaming of marrying Charlie Sheen and wearing my Harry Potter glasses which should actually be called "EVILFLU" glasses because I wore them before he was even born.

Part of my reason for wanting a jukebox was a random play list.  Listening to songs on random is just so exciting and fits my personality well, but then again doesn't do much for my mental status.  Music affects my mood quite a bit.  Some songs even make me break down into an ugly cry. Music can make me remember certain events in my life, even down to the point that I remember smells from that day (which wasn't always good when I think about songs from the grade seven safety patroller dance). 

For example, I could be air-guitaring to a pretty rockin' Aerosmith song and then the next song comes on and it's something like "How to Save a Life" and I'm a train wreak.

These kinds of situations can also become embarrassing in social situations.   Like when you have friends over and you are playing songs randomly and then suddenly a sappy Michael Bolton song comes on after Lady Gaga or something.  Maybe I just care too much what people think?

I know this could be solved with something simple like sorting my songs into play lists such as "sappy songs" "air guitar songs" etc but I just can't bring myself to label these songs.  I'm always afraid that my favourite songs will get missed and I will never hear them again if I can't categorize them into a list that I will always want to hear.  I want the songs to be random, but I always want to hear my favourite songs in with them as well.

I love all kinds of music, most of it I'm too embarrassed to admit but I mostly listen to "mellow" songs by artists like Ryan Adams, Norah Jones, Matt Nathanson and John Mayer... and sometimes Justin Bieber. I've come a long way since my days of Dance Mix '93.

What do you listen to? Does music affect your mood?

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