Angry Blue...

(this was supposed to be posted yesterday...but I forgot...story of my life!)

Look up.

The sky is an angry blue.  Maybe it's cerulean blue, but to me it looks angry.

I read for a while, looking up every so often to see a new trick or cannonball practice.

I was inspired, by both the poetry and the cannonballs.

and I wished I could write like that, and be able to go under water without plugging my nose.

because that is the trick to a perfect cannonball.

but I don't have the words, or the tolerance for getting water up my nose.

Swimming in the pool with strangers neighbours we've never met.

Skin is warmed by the angry blue sky which feels nice against the chill of the water.

I hate bathing suits.  I hate the way I look in a bathing suit.  I hate the feeling of a wet bathing suit on your skin.  I hate that time I had to wear the same swimsuit for two days under my clothes because my mom sent me to my cousin's house with any underwear.

I was probably Mason's age.

I still haven't forgotten.

Broken fridge.

Water dripping into a pan.

Angry sky

and yet the world seems to be at peace.

for now.

I put on a dress, you know, to feel pretty.

I am still recovering from the horror of wearing a bathing suit in public.

I hope that he never has to feel the same way I do.

Some people are just comfortable.

I admire them.

and envy them.

I like the way my hair curls when its wet.

I've wanted curly hair for a while now

It's all part of wanting what I can't have.

I'm sure if I had curly hair I would complain about it, as I do now with my pin straight hair.

Today was peaceful, even with an angry blue sky looming.

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