I'm a sucker for school pictures...

Mason had his second picture day of the year last week. As much as I always say to myself that I won't give in and buy pictures, I always do. I'm never happy with other people's photographs of my son.  It's not the quality of the picture, it's definitely not that his smile was "off", nor is it the price (okay well it's partially the price).

Don't take this the wrong way, but I like the pictures I take much better.  They may not be perfect, he may not always be wearing the best clothes and he may have a dirty face, but the thing is they are all mine.  Each picture is not only a picture, it is a happy memory, a time that I remember because I was there.

So even though these pictures are really cute, I just can't ever be happy spending the (big) money to have pictures that really don't mean much.  I mean I buy them once a year because it's what you are supposed to do as a parent (is it?), but when it's twice a year it becomes a little excessive.

As hard as I try, I can never just leave it be, I have to buy these pictures because to me they feel like orphans.  If I don't buy them, I fear they will end up in a dumpster somewhere.  This cute little smile wasted forever.

Oh picture day, you stress me out.

Not only do I think about the money it costs to keep these forever, I also have the make the choice of which one makes me smile the most (help?).

...of course his school pictures are nowhere near as good as mine was:
Just look at my beautiful smile, even the coffee stains are charming on this little gem!

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