...and then he graduated.

It's been a pretty exciting first year of school.  Evilboy has made a lot of new friends, learned how to read and  how to say his teacher's name properly and came out of his shell a little.

Today was his last day of being a kindergarten student, well actually tomorrow is but today was the graduation so that sort of makes it official - I think.  To be quite honest, I think he's going to miss "big school" over the summer.  He is beyond thrilled that he passed kindergarten and that next year he will be in all day school and will get to bring a lunch.  Yes, my child is excited about bringing an actual lunch - I am not.

Right now we send snacks everyday, something small that the kids can eat within 10 minutes. When the year started I was making dinosaur-shaped sandwiches and fancy little wraps and now he's lucky if he gets a granola bar that hasn't already been nibbled on.  

The kids were so cute, reciting the poem they were forced to learn, in a room full of their moms and dads (and in our case a mom and a grandma).


I didn't even tear up.  Not even a bit.  I'm like a freakin robot! 

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