Life is full of them.

Moments of bliss.
Moments of awe.
Moments that take our breath away.
Moments of anger.
Moments of hope.
Moments where the F word seems logical.

and these moments are so easy to pass us by if we are not attentive. I can relate, it is hard to take a breath and enjoy these moments with things like


Duties at home

Having to leave the house on time

Dealing with cellphones or other beepers (umm, the 90's called, they want their phrase back)

It's a little more so when you are a single parent.  I'm sure you can understand.

I miss the moments like building a big giant city of Lego, helping his friends by making each one of them crowns out of construction paper and riding his new scooter to the corner store to mix red, blue and green slushy together that I usually miss.

These are the important moments I never want to forget.

Today is a holiday in the land of Canada so Evilboy and I have many moments to spend together today.  I have loved every moment of today, well except for the moment when I stepped on tripped over the Lego city he was working on.  Not only was it painful but it was quite traumatic for him, you know having to put them all back together and all, in the middle of the living room floor. 

Earlier we took a walk to the splash pad downtown.  Getting ready to leave was a little slow going as I ended up back in bed a couple times...okay many times.  I could see how excited Evilboy was to jump through that "potable" water at the splash pad so I had to drag myself out of bed, ready to spend a day of fun together.
His excitement made me think about a time when I was a child waiting to go somewhere.  I was a little older than he is, actually probably twice his age, but I remember waiting and waiting only to be disappointed.  It was some time in the summer so I was staying with my grandma, as I usually liked to do in the summertime. My grandma made the best pancakes ever and always had interesting things going on at her house, and also I didn't have to babysit when I was visiting her.

This day was extra special because I had made plans with my mom to go to an X-files convention where I was going to meet Krycek (Nicolas Lea) and giver him a piece of my mind (or a punch in the balls) for being mean to David Duchovny.

I waited for her to come and pick me up in the front room in front of a big picture window.  I grew more and more disappointed as each car passed by.  I waited there for hours, not giving up hope, even as the convention was coming to an end.  I am sure my grandma could sense my disapointment as she often poked her head in the room to offer up some "moments".

"Nik, let's go make some fudge"

"Nik, why don't you ride your bike up and down the driveway for me" (ah, you know how old people are, they like to watch kids do weird things like riding up and down an 8 foot long piece of pavement).

I refused each offer, with tears stinging my eyes.

I missed moments with my grandmother because I waited.  I waited far too long and now I realize that the moments I could have spent with her would have meant much more than meeting a stupid evil villain who touched David Duchovny in real life.

My mom did eventually show up with her stupid boyfriend that I hated (who strangely resembled the Soup Nazi).  Of course by then the convention was over.  We went to the hotel where it was held to find they had closed up (duh) and I swore I saw Krycek go down a water slide.  I was then forced to spend the rest of the day with people I was angry with.  I got the soundtrack to the TV show Friends (that was a terrible CD).  It's funny how I remember every minor detail of that day, even though it was a terrible day but I have easily forgotten my grandmother's voice or the taste of her famous fudge that we could have made that day.

Moments wasted forever.

All because I didn't make fudge.

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