It's May.

Which means that sometime this month I will be one year closer to thirty.
Actually the closest to thirty you can get without being thirty.
I'm not saying my age, I'll leave it for you smarties to figure that out.
Unless you're the girl that I encountered in the Guess store this evening, then good luck with that riddle.
(My friend picked up a purple and white purse, the sales girl came over and said, "That is an excellent choice because it's purple....and white.... *long pause* and nice spring colours").

Getting old worries me.
Mostly because each year I find myself getting grumpier.  I don't like loud music or rap songs anymore and I kind of hate teenagers.  (there I said it!)

 I sort of think I'm falling apart.
Not emotionally or anything.
I mean physically falling apart.

I've been to the doctor two times last month.
The first time I left with a nostril spray thingy.
Last week I left with psoriasis.

on. my. head.

Oh lucky me.  I get to rub cream in my hair each night until my scaly head turns back to normal (if it ever does). There goes  my dream of shaving my head.

Also, I'm beginning to like bran muffins.

Send help now.

May is also the month that I gave my house back.  Now we are officially apartment residents.  I even bought my little laundry card thingy to prove it.

I spent a bit of time at the house today and as I was sitting quietly I watched a snail slime up the porch.  It made me think about how I will never see a snail sliming up my stuff again.  I was kind of sad because I liked the snails on the porch every time it rained.

and the flowers. I will miss those too.

I won't miss the weirdo neighbour lady who always had holes in her shirts and pushed her baby stroller with a cigarette in her hand.

I won't miss her five teenage boyfriends either who also had holes in their shirts.

I guess I shouldn't judge, I used to be a teenager with holes in my shirts.  I think I missed out on the five boyfriend thing and the smoking while pushing a buggy.

Which brings us back to getting old.

Old people are nosy.

Shit. I'm old(ish).

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