Why do we judge each other?

Do we do it to make ourselves feel better?
To make someone feel lower?
Because it makes us feel powerful?
I have judged before and I have been judged.  It hurts.

This morning I was listening to a local radio station morning show where the "DJs" (Ken and Pasqualina) were talking about a story where a tattoo artist proposes to his girlfriend by getting a tattoo.  Unfortunately, this poor fellow was not an English major and had some minor grammar issues.  The tattoo ended up saying "Rachel.  Will you marry me!".  Still, the point comes across just fine, and maybe he was just excited, hence the exclamation.  I thought this was going to be a sweet story until the DJs started ripping this man apart.  They went on to use phrases such as "go back to grade 2 buddy" "tacky" "his family is probably so embarrassed of him". Ken and Pasqualina sounded just like the girl's locker room back in my high school.

I am almost afraid to admit that I thought this was a very romantic idea and I could only dream to meet someone who cared enough to tattoo a marriage proposal on themselves for me.  Who gives anyone the right to judge that by calling this person tacky or stupid.  We wonder why our children are growing up to be bullies and I am sure it is partly because we have moronic buffoons in the media, teaching our children it is okay to judge other people's lives.

I wasn't even  going to write about this, but it simmered in my mind all day.  It made me think of all the times I was judged for many reasons.  Being poor.  Being chubby.  Being the new kid in grade 8 and in grade 12. Not having perfect teeth.  Being shy. These were all blows to my ego and I have never been the same since my terrible teenage years.

I still feel like I am constantly judged, even more so now that I am a single parent. It hurts.  It makes me lose faith in humanity and it also makes me not want to leave the house for a week.

So I bottled it up, which is what I'm really good at doing.  I vowed not to listen to these morons on the radio anymore, it's the best I could do.

Then I sign on to Twitter and see this:

 and it made me angrier.

If someone as talented and beautiful as Crystal Bowersox can't escape being judged, how am I, a nobody who also has not perfect teeth escape being judged, especially by douchebags who obviously have nothing better to do with their time than spray on fake tanner and make fun of young, upcoming artists.

I used to have respect for you Jonathan.  I used to make out with your barbie when I was little, even though it wore the ugliest purple sweater. 

Plus it makes me think of the time when someone said to my step dad "she would be a pretty girl if her teeth weren't fucked up". Why a man needed to comment on my prettiness when I was a teen is beyond me, but it made me never want to smile.

Truth is, I could get my teeth fixed, but I've grown to accept it and I think it adds a bit of character, even though my one crooked tooth is not perfect, the truth is there are far more things I would rather spend thousands of dollars on than fixing one silly little crooked tooth.

and even though I'm not the most confident person and I do have my flaws, the best I can do is live with it and get through each day working up the courage to smile with an open mouth.

So Mr. Knight, I am ashamed I ever made out with your Barbie doll when I was little.  I am ashamed that I followed you on Twitter and I can only hope that your immaturity never influences any of my son's decisions on how to treat other people.

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