I feel like I have to explain myself before one more person comes up to me and says "hey, I saw you in the newspaper this weekend".

Last October I won tickets to see something from the local newspaper. I can't for the life of me remember what the tickets were for.  All I remember is that I went on Halloween to pick up these tickets from the newspaper station building office.  I remember it was Halloween because I was wearing a costume.

(In case you are wondering, I am NOT Ugly Betty.  I was Velma)

So when I went to the newspaper office place building on my lunch, I was in semi-costume.  I had forgotten my fake glasses as the office so I ended up looking like a bingo granny instead (funny how crucial those glasses were to the entire costume!). 

I picked up my tickets and was told that they wanted to take a picture of me to put into an ad for their Twitter contests.  I agreed, and then remembered that I was in half-costume.  So I made a dumb looking face, got my picture taken and was asked to provide a quote.

Which is pretty hard under pressure.  Just sayin'.

I hoped that everyone I knew would not recognize me in the ad.

No such luck.

Periodically, since last November, people have been coming up to me saying "HEYYYY I SAW YOU IN THE PAPER ON SATURDAY"  (which is either followed by a) a snicker b) hysterical laughing c) a look of pity).  I never wanted to see the ad, so I just pretended I saw it and laughed it off.

The ad stopped for a few months, until last week.  I started to hear about my ad being in the paper again and I was a little surprised.  I was even more surprised to find out that it was a full page spread. Of my face. My shiny, Velma-ish face.

As if that wasn't bad enough (and trust me, it's bad), there was the quote and my name, for all of London and surrounding area to see.


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