Weekend Recap

Weekends make me happy.

So I want to remember them forever and ever.

This weekend was no exception.

but for some strange reason, I cannot remember Friday night.  At all. Which is weird because there was absolutely no alcohol involved, but I'm guessing it did involve cleaning up the old place and moving some more junk over here.

(no I'm not done moving)
(yes it is stressful)
(no I don't want to talk about that anymore)

Saturday Mason had a birthday party to go to and I got some stuff done, including a small bout of road rage followed by worries that I was going to hell. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, unpacking, moving heavy objects and packing up items to go to the Goodwill.  Overall it was a pretty productive day.  I spent the evening watching a movie falling asleep within the first ten minutes of some dumb movie with "The Rock" in it.

Sunday we went downtown for Car Free Sunday.  It was the perfect kind of day.  The kind of day where you get a sunburn on your cleavage and not realize it until you get an itch there and it feels like you are ripping your skin off with each scratch.  Yeah that totally happened.  It was also the kind of day where you end up giving your kid two baths, which can only mean one thing - spring is here! It also means that I should either start putting sunscreen on my cleavage or wear more modest shirts because this really doesn't feel too nice.

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