How to plant a tree and make new friends...

I like to call this one "Mr. Serious Plants a Tree"
When I was a kid (how many times have I said that lately?), planting trees was not really something we looked forward to.  It was actually a deceiving event. We would get so excited to go on a field trip, only to be lugged off to the Post-it Note factory to plant a crap load of trees for a whole entire day.  The first tree was always fun, but the novelty quickly wore off as we dug gigantic pail-sized holes in the sweltering sun.  It seems that something has happened since I was a kid because now kids love to plant trees.  

So when we went to the park this past weekend and came across a group of people planting trees, Mason was more than ready to get his hands dirty, quite literally actually.  So we grabbed our supplies and broke ground.

I had no idea how to plant a tree.  The last time I planted a tree was way back in elementary school at the Post-It factory and that memory had been locked away in hopes to never think of the traumatic event again.  So I took note of the size and shape of everybody's crater and I came to the conclusion that it had to be a big, round and very deep hole.

So we kept digging.

We dug through rocks, worms and glass pieces until I decided that the hole was deep enough, even though I really had no idea if it actually was, I was just tired of (endlessly) digging.

To be honest, we had the best looking hole of them all. I made sure it was perfectly round and all the debris was piled up neatly beside it.  I was proud of our hole.

and then Mason brought back our "tree".  It was a joke! I mean I've found twigs bigger than this thing, actually no, this thing WAS a twig. The hole that I was so proud of, now seemed like it was a waste of time.  We had the smallest tree out there, and I was beginning to wonder if it was some kind of joke.

but in the end we were proud of our little sugar maple.  One day it will be a giant tree and we did our part to help the environment.  It was a successful afternoon. Even though digging and worms and mulch and little puny trees aren't really my thing, the feeling of doing something to help out really felt good.

and after it was all done, we were rewarded with warm and fuzzy feelings and a chance to hang out with some warm and fuzzy baby owls!

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