Blog Swap: The Best Thing About Being a Blogger (a guest post from Kris)

Today is the blog swap day!  I was lucky to be matched up with the lovely and talented Kris of Because or Why Not. If you miss me too much, I will be blogging over at Kris' blog today!


I lead a secret double life.  In my real one I'm Kris, regular small town girl.  I work in a hardware store, shop for groceries, read books from the library and get chinese with my friends.  It's a good life, as far as they go.  Although occasionally drawn restlessly around the planet, I return to what I know in all its B.C. mountain splendor. 

But let's dig a little deeper shall we?  There's always something else, isn't there?  See, I am actually a much more intricate person then the last paragraph portrays.  Yup, I know you are too.  In my case I'm a traveler, searcher and fighter.  Passionate and deep I dwell in this beauty that is life in an involved struggle to draw from it all that I can. 

What you see of regular Kris is blue jeans and plaid shirt, paying bills in the bank.  What you probably don't notice is everything left to discover.  I'm not meaning to sound exceptional in any way.  I know I'm not.  We each have our own expression.  I just want to tell you what it is about blogging that I like best.  Let me try explain.

This other Kris is the one you'll meet as she stays up late typing handwritten words into her blog.  They're my art form, these words.  I play with them, stringing them together, striving to create something beautiful, or make you laugh.  My main creative outlet, words sort through what I really am.  My expression of choice for this deeper voice.

It could be called escapism, I suppose.  I prefer to call it exploration.  So I blog.  Answering only to my readers I toss feelings into the internet obsolete.  Knowing someone may stumble across my words gives me cause to take pride in these scribbles.  You may identify, wonder, disagree or be amused, but I want you to feel something.  I'm drawing from you as well.  I would write regardless, but when I blog I'll find an audience who will reciprocate.  It's justification, in a sense.  Knowing someone else has reason to bother with my words, and trying to give that to them.  I get a little high every time someone comments or follows.

Yes, they're closely linked, these two lives.  Intertwined, you'll glimpse both sides.  But on my blog exists, apologetically, my struggles, battles, triumphs, thoughts and feelings.  Whether I write them in blatant words, or not, you'll find them.  You'll also see my pulling my brown curls into a ponytail, or dancing in the backyard, because that's me as well.  My blog, well, it's my domain.  Within it I have the freedom to share as I work through this all.
Kris has been blogging for seven years, although it's occasionally been hit and miss.  More recently returning to the game she's found joy through getting involved in the blogging community.  She maintains a lust for adventure, and tries to live her life accordingly.  You can find her at  Also, she would like to extend many thanks to Nikki for sharing her blog (which, you should be glad to be reading.  Because it's worthwhile).  This is her first time swap, and she looks forward to participating in others!

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