Apartment Life...

I have to say, I expected living in an apartment to be a lot more Melrose Place and to be lot less Golden Girls.

Living six floors off the ground is a big change though. Now the only other living things I see when I look out my window are birds and the tops of trees.  One time I saw a squirrel too.  Six floors up is pretty high for a squirrel I thought.  It's a lot different than looking out your window and seeing potential burglars walking by your living room window. 

I am still afraid to stomp on the floor.  I cringe deeply when I drop anything and hold my breath until I know for sure that the person in the apartment below me isn't going to come up and punch my face. I am also afraid to raise my voice, watch reality television or listen to sappy music because I know that someone on my floor would be able to hear and probably make fun of me.

It's going to take some time to adjust.

but I think we're doing okay!

I find myself laughing like a lunatic when I realize I don't have to go out and weed the garden, mow the lawn or pick the bags of dog poop out of my front yard bush (I know..wtf??).  In fact, I will never have to pick that bag of crap out of the bush again.

and that makes me happy.

Being way up high, having a cozy little space, being even closer to a park and re-arranging my furniture also makes me happy.

Lugging groceries up to the sixth  floor does not make me happy.  Just sayin'.

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