Just a scab...

(I was going to Photoshop her and turn her into a witch but why waste my time.  Besides, I think somebody already beat me to it?)

Ann Coulter is a skid mark of society.  

but to be honest, I don't know much about her. From what I do know, I have now come to realize that she is just a scab. 

A putrid, rotten scab.  The kind that you pick at and itch and it never heals.  The more you pick and scratch, the worse it will get.  Leave it alone, and it will fade away, sometimes leaving a minor scar, but it is gone and the healing can begin.

The longer you pick at the scab, the more it will ooze and spread and it may even turn into an infection.  

Ann Coulter spoke at the University of Western Ontario yesterday, and while I didn't think much of it, as it turns out a lot of crap was spewed from this scab, but what did we expect really?  This particular scab has been known to spew out hatred wherever she may roam. I really wonder how Sunday dinners go with her family.  Do they all just call each other terrorists and baby killers and wish death upon each other?  

I'm just wondering why we keep picking at this scab named Ann?  It's like a freak show everywhere she goes, like a Jerry Springer episode if you will, where she rounds up a bunch of people who want to hear her bellow out hate.  

and it's sickening. 

It's time to get a bandage, cover up this scab, dab a little Polysporin on it and lock it away forever. 


Seriously, please enlighten me, I'm trying to understand why she is still around?  Why do we allow her on television and to speak to our students? I understand free speech, but when does it just become a freak show with no purpose other than to hear what Ann has to say next?

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