The other day EVILBOY was running around the house being silly.  I warned him to watch out for his drink many times, but of course EVILBOY failed to listen and next thing you know, I was scrubbing cherry Kool-Aid out of the carpet muttering links of profanities the whole time.

EVILBOY felt pretty bad so of course he ran off crying as I was scrubbing out the "Red 40" out of the carpet. He is a very sensitive boy, and I guess I was pretty angry about the whole mess thing.  I didn't think much of it when he stomped out of his room and went back in with a marker and paper.  Until he shoved this note in my face a half an hour later:

It reads:

"his last name"

So which I guess would translate into something like this:

Dear Mother,
I am very sorry for being a jerk and knocking my drink onto the carpet which in turn made you have a hairy canary and have to scrub the heck out of the carpets because in a few weeks they will no longer belong to us and I'm pretty sure the new owners would have a bird and come and punch you in the face if they knew the carpet was stained forever.  Again, I am very sorry and I promise that I will do the dishes after dinner each night in our new apartment that does not have a dishwasher.


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