I'm Not Dead...

You see, this blogging every day thing was not really working out for me.  I felt like I was missing out on all the little things in life that makes blogging have substance and makes it all worth it.  Blogging every day can be a good thing if you have an exciting life, or if you're really smart, have an opinion on lots of things or are the best at Farmville, but it is just too hard for someone who has the exact same routine every day of the week.

My life is full of mundane, and mundane doesn't write a blog, or it does but it's incredibly hard to write and read such a blog. The problem is, I'm not very fascinating. 

I'm sure you were tired of hearing about my can opener and toe jam just as much that I was tired of typing about that stuff.

or maybe I want to be more privatalized.

(That's not a word. I just made it up.)


but I lasted for 35 days.  So that deserves a round of applause, or a martini or billions of dollars.  I will let you decide.

but I'm not giving up completely.  I will still be blogging it out the rest of the year on my 365 blog.

I'm taking this as a lesson learned.  Taking on too much at once can only lead to failure, in my case at least.  I have also learned that I need to be more exciting and spontaneous.  It may be a little harder than I imagine, but I'm going to give it a try, but I'm not going to say when I'm going to start being more exciting.  This is me being spontaneous.

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