I'm losing you.

Your voice, your smile, your smell and your perfectly groomed facial hair have been slowly dissolving from my memory.

Our memories.  Forgotten.

The only reminder is the people you left behind.  The ones who have overcame so much without you.  The little boy who has your laugh, the family who gathers without you.  The only reminder is pictures of your face, now a stranger.

You are gone.  Forever.

I never think of you anymore.  I don't feel as if you are in the room.


You are gone.

My ring.  I've become allergic to my ring.  The one you gave me.  I stopped wearing it.  When I hurt, I wear the ring to make myself feel better, but then the reaction starts.  A rash, perfectly shaped to the ring.

I take it as a sign to move on.  To stop thinking of you.  To stop waiting for what probably doesn't exist.

Your world, wherever that may be, may not really be anything but a dream.

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