Day 35: Walking on a Tightrope...

EvilBoy walked along the sidewalk in a straight line.  He was concentrating so hard that he was slowing us down.  We were in no particular hurry, but for some reason I can never slow down and walking this way was unacceptable.

When I pointed out his walking speed and that it was unacceptable, he protested and informed me that he was in the circus and he was walking on a tightrope.  He described the setting and pointed out the shadow on the sidewalk from the railing in front of us.

So I joined in.

and it was fun, even if I looked like a big total dork in public.  We were having fun.

It made me think of my childhood.  Everything was magical.  There was no reason to rush, there was no stress at work, there were no bills that came in the mail each month addressed to you.  Everything was wonderful.

Until I became a "tween" and I spent most of my days hating on my mother because she made me babysit all the time and wouldn't let me go hang out with the rest of the kids past midnight on weekends.

It made me realize that I walk my own tightrope every single day.  One wrong step and I fall.  Wrong steps could include things like car trouble, getting a bill in the mail, arguments with family members.

My rope is tight and frayed.

I hate the feeling, but I can't seem to get off this rope.

I think it's time I get one of those big giant balancing sticks or a safety net.

Tightrope walking is not always fun.

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