Day 32: SUCKS...

February begins, which should otherwise be known as the day I officially start getting the numbers messed up on these posts.  It was easy in January when day 20 would be January 20th.  Not very hard to make a mistake when things are that simple, or you would think not anyway *blush*.

I've always hated February.  It's always cold, it contains the worst Holiday ever (Valentine's Day - I'm bitter) and it's short but you still have to pay the same amount for rent and insurance so it's a win for those people, sucks to be me though when I get ripped off a couple extra days.

I am good at seeing the negatives in anything.  I'm trying to change, but bear with me, at least until the end of February. 

I guess the best way I could describe this month is that February SUCKS.  I also dislike the word 'sucks'.  I don't even really understood where that term came from. I decided to turn to my good friend Google to help me out.

Definition: A verb used to indicate that something is unpleasant or that someone is bad at doing something in particular.
Usage: You suck at pwning noobs.


Which really isn't that helpful and kind of gave me a complex a bit because I really don't know what pwning noobs means either.  Don't laugh.  I've been hiding that from you, I have no idea what it means, I don't think it really matters anyways because if I ever caught myself saying that I would have to hit myself in the face.

Doing some more research it basically means something that is sucking on something that is not nice.  Like eggs, or a donkey's ass or the lowest teat  (yes these are all definitions I found on Yahoo Answers).
I really don't like when kids say something sucks, but I am guilty of using this term all the time. I think I was raised on the term "this sucks" and I didn't even realize it until the other day when I gave EvilBoy crap for leaving his dresser drawers open.

I was yelling something about a "pig sty" when EvilBoy looked me right in the eye and said "Mom, I didn't close my drawers because they SUCK"

and I just blinked and stared, most likely with my mouth hanging open.  The kid that scolds me for saying things are stupid just uttered a word that was semi-swearish.I couldn't believe that the "swear cop" said, without even so much as a smirk on his face, that something sucked.

and then it hit me.

Like a load of fresh folded laundry.

My mother was putting clothes away in his room this past weekend and one of the dresser drawers broke.  It went something like *censored* *censored* THIS DRAWER SUCKS *censored* .....*censored*.  Ah yes, I remember it quite well now.  Since there was not much from that sentence that EvilBoy could actually describe back to me, he chose the lesser (of the many) swear words.

Sort of like one time when we were in my mom's car.  My mom likes to use not very nice words when she is driving.  God forbid you cut her off, or go slow, or turn into your driveway, or brake too long at a stop sign, or turn left, because if you do, watch out because you are about to be called a *censored*.  Mason was two and I remember right down to his pudgy little foot shoved into that Finding Nemo light-up sandal.  He reached his little foot forward to roll down the window of the Jeep and proceeded to yell out ASSHOLE.   My mom thought it was hilarious, and even though it was a little bit humorous, I just thought of the phone calls I would be getting from the daycare, the school, the prison. It's one thing when they are six and let a swear word slide, at least you can explain to them that it is not a nice word and they will then gasp like a firetruck siren and scold you every time you say the word "stupid".  When it's a two year old you are dealing with, it's more like a loose cannon.  The word could "slip out" in the grocery store, at the park, at daycare, in front of a group of kids. It's just not a good situation to be in, knowing such words could come out of your child's mouth at any time. 

Thanks mom for another fine lesson in vocabulary.

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