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Mason got a whole crap load of Valentine's Day cards this year. In fact, this year alone he probably got more than I ever got in my whole life.  When I was a kid, there was none of these rules that made the children give a valentine to each kid.  When I was a kid you got one if you were popular, pretty, or had big boobs. In fact, even when I actually had a boyfriend in grade seven, my only boyfriend in my school life ever, I didn't get a valentine.  Not a single one.  So I bought myself a little stuffed dog and told my friends it was from him. (lame).

I bought a nice little mixture of Cars and Scooby Doo valentines for him to hand out to his friends.  I made him sit down and write out all 39 (!!!!) valentines for all the kids in his class and daycare, as it was mandatory.  While old me would have made cute little valentine's with his picture on it, new me doesn't have time or energy for this kind of stuff anymore so new me just made four personalized valentine's for the teachers and called it a night.

The next day Mason came home with a mountain of valentines.  I mean there were pretty much every kind I saw in the store (even the lame dollar store ones that I chuckled and said nobody would ever buy...guess I was wrong).  Not only did he come home with cards, but he also brought home presents, and baked goods, and candy bags full of candies and cards.


Am I missing something here? Since when is Valentine's Day supposed to be something more than a little paper card with your kid's name written on it.  It doesn't mean anything.  In my opinion this is just a cash grab for card companies.  Could be that I am just bitter because I have never received a Valentine's Day card that actually meant anything, nor did I ever go on a date or get flowers or chocolates on Valentine's Day.  Okay, okay I am bitter, but since when do we have to give kids at school bags of candy for Valentine's Day?  Why isn't a card enough?

I found myself feeling bad that I only sent Scooby Doo and Cars cards to these kids.  I'm sure they went home and were wondering where was the candy from Mason.  Where were the home baked cupcakes or the pencils with stupid little cupids on them?  In all fairness the Cars valentine's I sent in did have lollipops attached to them.  Lollipops that came with the cards that tasted like ten different kinds of ass. These kids are going to hate my kid now.  They will probably hate me as well.  All because I was too tired to bake some damn cupcakes.

What about next year? What if they're giving out jewellery and DS games next year.  Then what? I don't know what the valentine trend is, someone please fill me in!


I did manage to get one card this year for Valentine's Day.  A new bank card that is.  Oh lucky me.  It started off on Tuesday when I went to use my bank card to pay for my chai latte and it was declined.  The chai latte lady told me their debit machine was kind of wonky.  After two tries the debit machine was not working at all, and stupid me never carries cash, so I had to use my credit card (at 28% interest) to buy a $4 chai latte. I vaguely remembered the time when my bank card was in my pocket and came out in an 'S' shape, but figured it was just their stupid machine.

That night I went to see a movie with my friends.  Again the card was declined  This was just too much of a coincidence now so I decided to call the bank.  I was told that my bank card had been used in a business where the cards were being "skimmed" so they deactivated my card to protect me from theft.   How nice of them to tell me. I asked why they would not call me or put up a message in my online banking profile or on the debit machine screen or something and the girl replied "oh, that's a good idea! I'll let the feedback department know".  Yes, it is a good idea to tell people when you deactivate their cards so they don't go around getting declined for a $4 coffee arseholes.I was then instructed to go into my branch and get a new card.

Which I did.  Then I went to use the new card, and it was declined again.  This time for $7 at a thrift store.  As if that's not embarrassing.  So I drove all the way back to the bank and spoke with the manager who gave me another new card.  I was told that my card has been used in a card skimming scam three times.  Once in December, once in January and once in February.  They wouldn't tell me where though because there was still an investigation and they haven't been charged yet.  Which is really frustrating to me because now I don't want to use my card anywhere and either get money stolen (not like there's much to take) or have my card deactivated again.

The bank manager told me to never let your bank card out of your sight while you are paying for something.  If they swipe it, make sure you have it back in your hands before you enter your pin number.  If your card does leave your sight before they give it back, refuse to enter your pin or press cancel and pretend it was a mistake. What these scammers are doing is taking your card to another machine out of your sight and swiping it while either they or a camera is watching you type in your pin.  I always "play tricks" when I'm entering my pin.  Even though I will be entering one number, I move my fingers quickly over all the buttons to make it difficult for anyone to watch and I pretend I'm pushing other numbers. The scammers have even found a way to do this with the new chip cards. 

I am very frustrated with my bank, especially with all the mistakes they have made with my new card and with my money order last week, but I am very happy they are working hard to prevent theft from my account.

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