Day 9 - Ask Away!

Have you ever wanted to ask me a question?


Well you're just in luck because now you lucky readers can ask me anything...anonymously!

err...maybe I'm in luck.  You see, writing a blog post every day is hard work.  I figure I have enough material to last me through until....Monday and after that my mind goes blank.  I figure answering questions could make for some pretty good (ish) blog posts. 

So yes, I am selfish.  Don't ask that.

Just click over there on that little jellybean question mark thingy and it will take you to my page where you can ask me anything you want to know!

This is so exciting.  Now you can ask me things like:
  • Why are you so smelly?  - err..sorry that's already been asked.
  • What size are your shoes?
  • What size are your underwear right now?
  • How do you feel about penguins?
  • Do you like broccoli?
  • Did you just have to use google to find out have to spell broccoli?
  • Are you a nice person?
  • Do you like to do drawings?
  • What is your favourite smell?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Why do dogs hump legs?
  • Would you rather make out with Carrot Top or that red beard guy from 'The Burbs'?
So feel free to ask anything, except why I'm smelly because that made me a little crazy.

Here is my page:

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