Day 7: The snowman

I had no idea he was so well trained in the art of snowman making.  The kid had his strategy well laid out, except the whole carrots for the entire face thing.  That was kind of creepy.   I am the terrible mother who stood by and watched, freezing and cursing the cold weather under my breath, blowing on my chilled hands every few minutes in hopes to get some sort of warmth back into my now frozen extremities.

He didn't even feel the cold, he couldn't have with the way he worked so hard.  Determined to bring this snow "individual" to life.  I'm not entirely sure this snow person was a man per say because the chosen hat was actually a women's Liz Claiborne, which I assume was one of my mother's old Goodwill finds.

At one point I was rolling the snow ball along the front yard along with him, my bare hands freezing until I couldn't stand it no more and I told him to do it himself.

and he did.

He rolled and rolled, his motive to make a modest sized snowman and bring it to life.

Like in the movie.

Television is so polluting to a child's mind sometimes, and it was going to be so hard for me to explain that the snowman coming to life could never happen.

but sometimes when you are older you have to wonder what if?  Crushing a little boy's dreams was not on my mind that day, so I just stood there on the porch, snow now leaking into my boots, which I'm sure were designed for California weather, definitely not up to par for a Canadian winter.

Then much to my relief, he called out that he was done.  The snowman had no arms so I pulled a couple of dead flowers from the bush in our front yard and made the snowman look like a frozen cheerleader.

My snowman-making skills have always been pretty lame.

but he loved that snowman.  He checked on it many times before he went to bed that night.  He even made plans to bring this poor snow creature into the house.

I finally convinced him to go to sleep and to not worry about his work of art in our front yard.

When he woke up the following morning, the first thing he did was put on his boots and go out to check on his snowman - pyjamas and boots.  The wardrobe of a kid who was far too excited to even put on proper pants.

but the snowman was gone.  Knocked to the ground by an unknown animal.  Perhaps it was a drunk person.  Either way, the snowman was gone forever.  The only thing left to prove it ever existed was a carrot and a couple sticks.

The hat was gone.

Which makes me think of how lucky the squirrels are to have a cozy home or how lucky that drunk person is to have such a fashionable accessory.

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