Day 5: The water company is sooo gonna think we have an indoor pool...

evilBOY got a new toy (thanks for the GC sister).

He hasn't stopped playing with this toy for hours.

Which really isn't such a bad thing, but my night has consisted of listening to him run back and forth from the bathroom to the dining room table to fill up these little tanks of dip his Hot Wheels car in.  Oh new Hot Wheel set, you gave me time to think, to do laundry and to Tweet up a storm.  I love thee and I look forward to stepping on the little car you came with later tonight.

because somehow Hot Wheels always end up under my feet.

and they hurt (especially the ones with big spoilers).

When I asked him why he had to keep changing the water, he claimed it was because it had to be a certain temperature to change the car's colour. He changed the colour of that car so much that even this guy was rolling over in his grave. 
Wait, I don't think that guy died.  Maybe he did. I don't know. I don't even really get that meme.

So water company, if you happen to be reading this, no we do not have an illegal indoor pool and we are not growing plants of an illegal species.  We're not doing anything illegal unless you would say that soaking my table cloth and dining room table illegal.

and Hot Wheels, I think you should make a tank for this toy that self-heats to stop this water wasting madness.

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