Day 4: Back To Reality

I was a full-time mom until he was two.  A benefit not many mothers get to have, unfortunately that came with some major consequences.  In the end, I came out a very different person, I was defeated, sad, proud and brave, but mostly angry.

I have been working hard ever since I graduated from college in 2006, rarely taking any vacation time (minus our special trip last year).  At first this was hard to accept, after being there for him for most of the day (he did part-time daycare while his father was sick) and then being there when it was just us, it was so hard to leave him in the care of other people.  Then he started school.  That was hard too.

Over time I have come to accept it more, especially on a Sunday night when I'm completely wiped out from entertaining him all weekend and answering millions of questions.

but it's worth it.  Sometimes.

This was the first entire week I had off in a very long time.  Overall I would say it was pretty successful.  Minus all the holiday stuff, we were together 24 hours a day for the entire week.  We went to see a movie and we went to the children's museum.  We counted down to the new year together, we ate lots of junk food and play lots of Wii games.

I loved every minute of it, but I never realized how much hard work it is having a child home all day long, especially when he's not sick!  I sometimes forgot about lunch until it was later in the afternoon and sometimes we slept in past breakfast.

So I'm definitely not perfect.

but I have to wonder who really is.

I have to learn to accept that things are not always going to go perfectly, prime example our situation.

and within reason, being imperfect is actually pretty cool.  Late lunches and staying up past midnight FTW!

I am going to miss moments like this:

and when he made a space suit for "Monkey".  That was pretty awesome:

and yes, even moments like this, when he ran into the room screaming "MOM, THE HAMSTER BIT ME!" with his finger covered in red marker.  Maybe funny to you, but heart attack inducing for me, especially after this incident and then laughing at me hysterically.  Real funny kid.
(You have to admit, that does look pretty realistic!)

Am I happy to go back to reality tomorrow?  A little.  Am I going to miss the little guy? Heck ya!

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